26 June 2019

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Are you a fan of fishing? Then you are the right place! The north of Luxembourg is known for its opportunities for hobby and professional anglers alike.

The Éislek region is a true paradise for anglers, with its lakes and waterways teeming with various species of fish, including trout, pike, pikeperch, eel, carp, and many others. However, angling in the region requires a license, which is mandatory for fishing in both Luxembourgish inland waters and those bordering Germany. Fortunately, obtaining a fishing license is a hassle-free process that can be completed in just a few minutes on Depending on the fishing zones and the period of validity desired, different types of licenses are available.

The inland water license grants access to specific areas, such as zone II of the Upper Sûre Lake. It also grants access to the Sûre River from Ettelbruck’s Alzette mouth to Wallendorf’s Our River mouth. On the other hand, the cross-border water license allows anglers to fish in other areas, such as the Our River from the Lieler border triangle to Wallendorf, which includes the Vianden reservoir.

Overall, the Éislek region offers an excellent angling experience for all levels of fishermen, with its abundance of fish and diverse fishing locations.

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