Postal Relay Museum


13 februari 2019

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Gloria von Thurn and Taxis welcomes you to the Relais Postal Museum and tells you the story of the Relais from 1516 to 1680. From the clay tablet to steel feathers – immerse yourself in the heart of the evolution of writing. A magnificent collection of inkwells made of faience wood in different alloys composed of precious materials such as silver, leather, or crystal spans different styles and eras. Only three museums of this type exist in Europe (the other two are in Switzerland and the south of France).


Classroom of 1900


(Re)discover the wax odors of school benches, chalk squeaking on the blackboard and ink stains on aprons. Teachers can contact us to organize an educational and relaxing day.


We open the museum only on request via the following phone number: 99 86 16.