The Valley of Peace


13 February 2019

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1945-2015: 70 years after the end of the World War II, the valley of peace and its idyllic setting in the Tratterbach valley invites you to a moment of reflection. The monument was created with the participation of Arcelor Mittal and the Ministry of Tourism.


Why a Valley of Peace?

1914-2014 : one hundred years since the World War I
1945-2015 : 70 years since the last World War
1963 -2013 : 50 years of Franco-German friendship
9 mai 1950 : Creation of the European Union


This intense commemorative period brings allows us to remember the horrors of the past sends a message of peace and hope to future generations.


Some great men in the post-war years developed the economic collaboration between the former belligerents in order to put an end to any combat. With the creation of the coal and steel community (CECA), Jean Monnet, Robert Schuman Alcide de Gasperi, Joseph Bech and Konrad Adenauer laid the foundation for economic, social, and political collaboration. The European Union was born against a background of war to ensure lasting peace.


Six information panels about:

– The origins of the European Union with the CECA

– The objectives of the European Union

– The Battle of the Bulge

– The Treaty of the Elysée

– Siegfried and Maginot defense lines

– The European Union in figures




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